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WMS Implementation, Optimization, and Support (PkMS, WMOS, RedPrairie, High Jump)

Activity Reporting - Get More from your Current WMS

Jan 3

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1/3/2016 6:20 PM  RssIcon

Manhattan Associate's WMOS/PkMS is a powerful warehouse management system with enormous capabilities. However, many operations do not take full advantage of this capability. This article is the first in a series that will touch upon areas of opportunity that can improve operations by increasing space utilization, reducing average inventory levels, decreasing direct and indirect labor costs, reducing shipping costs, improving order accuracy, reducing material costs, and increasing through-put. Certain capability is more useful in some industries than others. 


Activity/Productivity Reporting is one of the most under utilized areas of functionality in WMOS/PkMS. Did you know there are dozens of actions that can be recorded in WMOS and reported at various UOM piece rates? This productivity information has the benefit of creating simple labor standards and giving real-time information on under/over utilization. These piece rate standards can be used to create a simple incentive pay system and receive much of the benefit of more complex Labor Management software. If a Labor Management System is planned, it is possible to use the ‘free’ WMOS/PkMS information to load initial standards and save the cost of expensive engineered labor standards projects.
For more information about these areas of benefit or other WMOS implemenation questions, contact:
Incite, LLC

About Chad Richardson

Chad Richardson is a veteran in the WMS software space. He has worked for Manhattan Associates in Product Management and Professional Services and has founded or co-founded two companies that help Fortune 1,000 companies Optimize, Implement, Upgrade, and Support enterprise WMS systems. He currently holds the position of Principal at his latest company, Incite, LLC, and can be contacted at 720-261-8198.


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