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WMS Consultant Directory (Manhattan WMOS, PkMS, WM, RedPrairie, HighJump)

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Picture: Confidential's Pic
Avail Date: 12/1/2016
Name: Confidential
Title: Manhattan WMOS System Administrator and Oracle DBA
Years Experience: 11
WMS: Manhattan Associates
Product Experience: WMOS v 2010
State: Mid West
WMS Experience:



  • Successful record as a Manhattan WMOS Application Administrator & Oracle DBA  at Confidential in rolling out  2 Distribution Centers in one year.  
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • Brings deep experience from the Retail and Supply Chain industry
  • Strategic Planning and Logistics Lean Excellence projects. 


Database: Oracle 11G and SQL Server 2008

Software: WMOS  Manhattan 2010 release   

ERP: PeopleSoft HR/SA/FN , SAP Dynamics Supply Chain  Mgmt             

Operating System:   RHS Linux, HP UX, AIX , NT Windows, Workforce (KRONOS), COEUS

Application Servers: OAS(Oracle) WebSphere( Manhattan), Weblogics (PeopleSoft), Tomcat , Apache

Tools:   SiteScope, Nagios, DataProtector, Tivoli,  Data Pump,  Oracle PL/SQL , Toad, OEM   Grid Control                                

Professional Experience

Company Confidential


July 2010 – Current

Warehouse Management for Open Systems:  

  • Installed Manhattan WMOS 2010 release application in four environments ( SBX,DEV,QA,PROD) 
  • Created Oracle Database
  • Installed WMOS application Servers
  • Installed and Configured VoCollect  Console
  • Configured Compass Conveyor System(Sql Server) with WM
  • Installed and configured Slotting application (Sql Server)
  • Configured JMS Queues, Device Endpoints,  Listeners for bridging SAP with WM  
  • Rolled over 90 WMOS  SDN's (Patches) in various environments 
  • Responsible for WMOS roll outs at 2 Distribution Centers and presently working on a third. 
  • Tasks included:
    • Production Support 
    • Troubleshooting
    • Resolving DB Locks
    • Performance Monitoring
    • DB backups 
    • Setting up Archiving Database
    • Configured WM transactional data archiving and purging
    • etc.

Company Confidential

ORACLE & PeopleSoft DBA

June 2001 – May 2010

2009 - 2010:  RAC database upgrade to 64 bit from 32 bit oracle version: Involved in migration of RAC database upgrade in all three  dev/uat/prod  environmentsAlso converted Oracle Enterprise Manager from single instance to RAC database and instances (two node) and installed 64 bit agents on target servers for discovery of targets  in  OEM Grid Control for alerting and monitoring events.  SQL Server applications Go for the Gold and Recruitment Plus application migration from Sql Server 2005 to Sql Server 2008.

2008 - 2009:  COEUS application and database upgrade.  Coeus Research and Administration application was upgraded from java based application (Client/Server) to web based application using tomcat application server in all the three environment dev/uat/prod.  This is also a one man project handled successfully application upgrade and database upgrade. 

2007 – 2008:  Oracle databases upgrade project from 9.2 to 10.2 G:  Involved in upgrading all my owned databases in Production, development and testing environments from 9X to 10G databases.  Configured RMAN Backups for all 10.2 databases.  Involved in moving some databases from 32 bit version to 64 bit in development environment. 

Recruitment Plus application:  Recruitment PLUS is data management software that coordinates all of university recruitment, admissions, and enrollment activities. My role in this project was to coordinate with users and developers in integrating the applications with PeopleSoft Student System apps. Backend database for this application is Windows SQL Server 2005. Involved in database refreshes, backups and scheduling some batch jobs.

2006 – 2007: Oracle 9i RAC clustering implementation project:   Four important databases were identified for 9I RAC clustering on RHS 3.  These four databases are Financial Reporting Database, Academic Warehouse, Alumni Development  and Enterprise Employee.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g Version:   Oracle Enterprise Manager version 9 was upgraded to 10 G from java based application to Web based OMS.  This is a one man project and I carried out the entire upgrade process by installing new oracle 10g database, Oracle Management Server, Application servers, installed agents on all the targets and reconfigured all the event and alert monitoring for target database problems. 

2005 -2006: Migration – HP-UX to Linux RHS : This is a major project involving all databases server running on HP UX servers were migrated to Red Hat Linux Servers. 95% of all databases were migrated from HP UX to Red Hat Linux Servers.  My role in this projects was to migrate all the databases I owned in all three environments development, user testing and production environments.

KRONOS – Time Keeping and Workforce central:  Kronos Workforce Timekeeper is the next generation timekeeping system that lets you see, plan, and manage employee’s time.  This is a hosting projected involving creating of database, users, integrating application software, performance monitoring, database.

2004 -2005: VPES – Performance Evaluation system is an application evaluates employee actual annual evaluation in several areas key functions of specific job title, elevate Credo, define new development goals etc.  Back end database is Oracle using Oracle Application Server for front end application. My role in this application was  creating databases, users,  configuring backups, troubleshooting users problems.

Go For the Gold –  Go for the Gold program is a comprehensive health promotion program designed to help faculty and staff and their families lead healthier and more productive lives by identifying health risks and taking action to reduce those risks.

2003 -2004 : People soft HR module upgrade from 7.2 to 8.4 version -  My role in the project was to configure the People Tools 8.4,  WebLogic  Servers,  Application servers and Process Schedulers,  configuring Reporting nodes, LDAP authentication and work with developers in customizing the PeopleSoft  New HR modules, data migration in  all development,  user testing environment and Production environment.  This is a very big project involving a team of developers, users, System Administrators.

2002 – 2003: COEUS Project - Coeus is a research administration program developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Office of Sponsored Programs. My role as DBA was to create the database and configure the COEUS application for users and was involved in full life cycle of the project from development state to production environment. 

2001 – 2002: Oracle Enterprise Manager 9.2 OMS configuration on HP-UX Server for monitoring all the  production, user testing and development databases.   Event Monitoring configuration for alert logs, space, performance and tuning packs, availability of host and databases.  Installing agents on all the target servers for communicating with OMS server for event monitoring.   My role in this project was to install OEM console,  database, configure events and monitor all the database performance of all targets from one centralized location

Educational Qualifications:    

Masters Information Technology & Public Personnel Management

Masters  Finance &  Accounting.


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