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ID: 238
WMS: Manhattan: WMOS
Product Experience: WMOS v2010 preferred, LM, Slotting
Start Date: 5/21/2016
Job Title: WMOS Consultant
Project Type: Optimization
Job Description:

When was the last time you got to work in sunny California, 20 minutes from the beach, on a WMS project?!?!

Well, our client is looking for WMOS consultants to help with a new go live stabilization/support and then help them role out Phase 2 optimizations.

Do you have WMOS experience? Apply now for this rare opportunity.

Hourly Rate (Up To): 0
Location: CA
Months: 6+
Nbr Consultants: 3
Contact Company: Incite, LLC
Contact Name: Chad Richardson
Contact Email:
Apply: Apply

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Created at: 5/9/2012 6:21 PM Created by: host
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