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6/28/2017 6:27 AM



Our outbound shipments are currently assigned to routes based on the store number - each store is assigned to a static route using the rtl_rte_hdr and rtl_rte_rule_hdr tables. Some of them are shipped via LTL carriers just based on their proximity to our warehouse, but based on our business model, occasionally a store has a very small order. The extreme scenario is that a store only has a single order for a single unit, which gets put on a pallet and shipped, so that 1 unit takes up a whole pallet position on the trailer. Thankfully, that scenario doesn't happen too often, but it has happened. Obviously, that's not a very cost-effective way to ship these types of orders.


What we'd like to do, as part of the waving process, is have WMS look at the total size of the order for each store across all areas of the warehouse, and if it's less than a certain limit (say 10 pounds, for example), direct all the cartons to our courier station to be shipped out via Purolator, FedEx, or something similar. I've been investigating the Routing Guide configuration available within base WMS, and it looks promising, but I must be missing a key piece of configuration because I can't seem to get a wave to reference it. I've set the limit at 10 pounds for testing purposes, and waved a single distro (5 pounds), but it still gets assigned the route from our existing config rather than the routing guide config. The key is that we want it to find orders that are within the limit and route them according to the routing guide, but all other orders that are outside of the limit should still follow the existing configuration. This is what I have configured:


  • Origin ZIP: The postal code of the DC I'm trying to configure this in, presumably taken from the whse_master, since it auto-populated for me.
  • Route Guide Type: ST (ShipTo guide)
  • Route Guide Number: * (wildcard)
  • Route Consol Number: null
  • Route To, Route Type 1, and Route Type 2: * (wildcards)
  • Group for Route: No
  • Weight Seq: 1
  • Vol Seq, Cntr Seq, and Value Seq are all 0



  • From Dest Zip: A0A 0A0
  • To Dest Zip: Z9Z 9Z9 (these are set so that they'll pick up all Canadian postal codes)
  • Dest Country: Canada
  • Max Weight: 10
  • Max Cntr, Max Vol, and Max Value are all 0
  • Ship Via: TEST (a test ship via that I created just for testing purposes)
  • All other values are 0 or null


I've referenced the online help as well as the AIM documents and tried a couple of things based on what I read there, but so far no luck. I've also tried playing around with the values on the perpetual pickticket, also with no luck. I've turned the logging to high and sifted through the database logs, but I can't find any queries that seem to be checking these tables for a match, so I'm thinking there must be some sort of flag somewhere that tells the system to look here.


Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.




New Post
8/14/2018 2:19 PM

Just giving this post a bump in case someone has some insight. I still haven't had any luck getting it to work.

HomeHomeManhattan Assoc...Manhattan Assoc...GeneralGeneralHow to use the Routing Guide?How to use the Routing Guide?

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