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4/28/2016 7:22 AM



We've had LM2007 installed for awhile, but have only been using it for throughput measures up until recently. We've started implementing ELS to measure employee performance, but this has highlighted a number of issues with this as well as our version of WM (2006). Honestly, I'm really starting to think these are actual bugs rather than configuration issues, but given that we're using a 10-year-old version, chances are slim that Manhattan would be willing to fix these. I'm hoping someone has some insight on any or all of these.

  1. To calculate travel time, LM needs to know a user's previous location. However, as far as we can tell, the system is trying to get this from some sort of session variable rather than just pulling it from the database. If we log onto an RF or Vocollect device, obviously the first task of the day won't have a previous location. The next task will. However, if we log off that device and log back on, for whatever reason, the system "forgets" our previous location. This seems rather ridiculous, since it wouldn't be difficult for the system to pull the last known location from the database. Also, some of our users use multiple sessions - they may have 2 sessions open in an RF gun, and may also have a Vocollect unit. Each session seems to have its own last known location.
  2. It doesn't want to track movements to a drop location. Some of our replen tasks include a drop location between source and destination. The person pulling the case(s) from reserve gets credit for moving to each reserve location, but the drop location doesn't get sent in the message to LM from LM, so they don't get credit for that. We did find a settting in the warehouse master that causes a message to come through with the drop location, but there's a couple of problems with it. First, it doesn't come through on the same activity. E.g. if our activity for pulling the cases is PULLCASE, then the last step of that should be putting them in the drop zone, but that piece of the replen comes through with activity LOCATE (also set in the warehouse master). Second, this setting only seems to work for replens. It doesn't work when there's a drop location after a picking task - it doesn't bring the drop location through in the message. And it actually breaks a loading task (INT=82) with a drop zone in the middle, causing a Corba error on the RF gun.
  3. In our conveyable areas, once the user is finished a picking task, we want the carton's current location updated to final location on the conveyor. This is so that the consolidator will get proper travel time calculated for walking to the conveyor, picking up a carton, and anchoring it to a consolidation location. Currently, these cartons show up in consolidation with no current location. We've seen parameters on the Vocollect transaction that allow us to locate the carton, but the only options are "to the destination location" (which is the consolidation location, not the end of the conveyor), or "to the dock door". 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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5/15/2016 10:57 PM

Hi John,

I wouldn't be surprised if they are bugs, we routinely found a lot of base bugs.

1. Could it be taking the value from USER_MASTER.LAST_LOCN (I think the field is). When you log off cleanly that field should be nullified and unless you anchor yourself after logging in, then the first take will have a null value.

2. Not sure about this one, I believe we customised a lot of the messaging integration to be very specific.

3. And sorry, not overly sure about this one either

New Post
5/27/2016 6:22 AM

Hi Dan,

I must have missed my email notification saying there was a reply, or else I would have replied earlier. 

I checked our USER_MASTER.LAST_LOCN field, and it's blank for every employee. It doesn't look like it's getting populated at all, but I'm not sure if that's because something is broken, or if there's some config somewhere that tells it to populate.

New Post
5/29/2016 10:59 PM

I think that's definitely a defect then, there's no reason that field shouldn't be updated.

Hard for them to argue why a "Last Location" field wouldn't be updated with the users previous location.

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