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12/4/2016 6:29 AM



I'm just a user of WMS but one thing I noticed is that when setting up a pick location I can set the "max" and "min" cases.


Shouldn't a replenishment task be generated when you hit the "minimum" for a location? at my site this doesn't happen, instead all of the tasks are generated immediately when a new wave is released.


This causes issues as such : replen driver will have X amount of tasks, the wave calls for say 100 cases to be picked from a certain location which can hold 10 at a time, with the min cases set to 2.

Now  when the wave is released it will generate all 10 tasks right away for 10 cases to that slot.


Is there a way for it to only generate the replen task when the minimum is reached on the location?


Hopefully the above is clear

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12/4/2016 4:05 PM

Hi Joey,

Do you have access to how your wave templates are set up? Or have you contacted your IT team?

It sounds like your wave rules are configured to Replenish to Max, meaning if the need of the wave (i.e. units/cases to be picked) will take the pick location inventory to <=0 then WM will generate as many replenishments as required to fill the location back up to the MAX value.

So if your MAX is 100 and you have 10 pallets with 10 cartons on each, then each one of those 10 pallets will have a replenishment task created for it.

Does the first replenishment get created at priority 40 and the remainder at priority 50?

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12/4/2016 4:24 PM

Hi Dan,


I believe they are generated as 50s (maybe the first is a 40? I do see 40s sometimes..usually priorities are 10, 30 or 50 with the occasional 40)


Does WMS have a way to configure it so that replens are generated only when we hit the location minimums? How could I do that? 


I mean, what other options are there other than "replenish to max" -- I can look at the wave templates tomorrow most likely


*edit* to clarify .. is the following possible:


given a location has a MAX value of 100 cases. The minimum is set to 10.

The wave calls for 1000 cases. We have pallets in reserve which cotain 100 cases each.

As it is now it WMS generates 10 replen tasks immeeldiately at priority 50.

Is it possible to have WMS only generate a task when the location reaches the minimum (10) but still Wave the 1000 cases?

I'm all over the place but hope you can understad.


Thanks for your help

New Post
12/4/2016 5:27 PM

I'm currently working without a system (waiting for my new DEV environment to be built), but there is a drop down on the Wave Template I believe which has 3 options.

  1. Replenish up to Max
  2. Replenish up to lesser of need/max
  3. ???

I can't remember the 3rd sorry. But these options are the ones you want to look at. I don't believe there's a specific option to set it to only create when the inventory or wave need reaches the MIN (again, I could check all the config if I had my environment built on time...)


There is another way, if there is no config to handle your requirement, you could always set the MAX of the location to be a lower number, so it will only replenish up to the 'lower' MAX...however, if you're wave need is excessive (1000 cases and your location only fits 100 cases) then it's still going to generate the required replenishments to satisfy the need. The first task should be in Released status and the remaining tasks should be Held and only released once the pick location inventory <= Min to Release Held Replen.

New Post
1/24/2017 9:22 AM



There's a few parameters in play here.


First, as Dan mentioned, there's the drop-down that lists Replen up to Max, Replen up to Need, and Replen up to Lesser of Need/Max. That's at the Warehouse Master level, though it's possible there's also a choice at the Wave level to override the warehouse default. 


Next, there's a parameter on the wave that says Combine Priority 40/50 Replens. As far as I know, priority 40 means "the wave needs this quantity, and it will currently fit in the location"; priority 50 means "the wave needs this quantity, but it won't yet fit in the location". If you have the combination turned on, I think they'll all come out as priority 40 replens. 


There's also a parameter that says Suppress Post-Pick Replens, on the Wave parameters. This is the one that causes the system to generate a replen when your location drops below the min quantity, as opposed to when your location drops below 0.

HomeHomeManhattan Assoc...Manhattan Assoc...GeneralGeneralReplen Tasks - how are they generated?Replen Tasks - how are they generated?

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