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2/13/2017 1:31 PM

Hey John,

Yeah, the printers should be created as locations having LOCN_CLASS = 'L'. If I remember correctly we had the LOCN_BRCD as the aisle number of the printer and as each LOCN_BRCD should be unique in the warehouse, that's how it should link. 

Below is the spit out of my TRAN_PARM table for the VoiceOnly1 program. Remember I'm using the new 2016 SCPP version so some of these may not be relevant.


VoiceOnly1 1 1 Auto Assign Auto Assign N S S 653       DDDW 1011562 1   Auto_Assign
VoiceOnly1 2 3 Max Number of Work Identifiers Max Num Work Identifiers N N     1 99   EDIT 1011563 1   Max_Number_of_Work_Identifiers
VoiceOnly1 4 4 Skip Aisle Allowed Skip {Aisle} Allowed N F           CKBX 1011564 1   Skip_Aisle_Allowed
VoiceOnly1 5 5 Skip Slot Allowed Skip Slot Allowed N F           CKBX 1011565 1   Skip_Slot_Allowed
VoiceOnly1 6 6 Repick Skips Repick Skips N F           CKBX 1011566 1   Repick_Skips
VoiceOnly1 7 7 Chase Pick Speak Work ID Chase Pick Speak Work ID N F           CKBX 1011567 1   Chase_Pick_Speak_Work_ID
VoiceOnly1 8 8 Print Container Labels Print Container Labels N S S 654       DDDW 1011568 1   Print_Container_Labels
VoiceOnly1 9 9 Print Chase Item  Labels Print Chase Item Labels N F           CKBX 1011569 1   Print_Chase_Item_Labels
VoiceOnly1 10 10 Pick Prompt Info Pick Prompt Info N S S 655       DDDW 1011570 1   Pick_Prompt_Info
VoiceOnly1 11 11 Pick Prompt Type Pick Prompt Type N S S 656       DDDW 1011571 1   Pick_Prompt_Type
VoiceOnly1 12 12 Speak Work ID Speak Work ID N F           CKBX 1011572 1   Speak_Work_ID
VoiceOnly1 13 13 Signoff Anytime Allowed Signoff Anytime Allowed N F           CKBX 1011573 1   Signoff_Anytime_Allowed
VoiceOnly1 14 14 Container Option Container Option N S S 657       DDDW 1011574 1   Container_Option
VoiceOnly1 15 15 Deliver Closed Container Deliver Closed Container N F           CKBX 1011575 1   Deliver_Closed_Container
VoiceOnly1 16 16 Pass Work Allowed Pass Work Allowed N F           CKBX 1011576 1   Pass_Work_Allowed
VoiceOnly1 17 17 Delivery Prompt Delivery Prompt N S S 658       DDDW 1011577 1   Delivery_Prompt
VoiceOnly1 18 18 Quantity Verification Quantity Verification N B           EDIT 1011561 1   Quantity_Verification
VoiceOnly1 19 19 Skip and Replenish Flag Skip and Replenish Flag N F           CKBX 1011578 1   Skip_and_Replenish_Flag
VoiceOnly1 20 20 Label Printing Level Label Printing Level N S S 170       DDDW 1011580 1   Label_Printing_Level
VoiceOnly1 21 21 Load oLPN Flag {Load} {Carton} Flag N F           CKBX 1011581 1   Load_Carton_Flag
VoiceOnly1 22 22 Floor Load Flag Floor {Load} Flag N F           CKBX 1011579 1   Floor_Load_Flag
VoiceOnly1 23 23 Update Owner Flag Update Owner Flag N F           CKBX 1011582 1   Update_Owner_Flag
VoiceOnly1 24 24 Voice Delivery Location Vocollect Delivery Locn N S S 661       DDDW 1011583 1   Voice_Delivery_Location
VoiceOnly1 25 25 Base Picking by Aisle Flag Base Pick by {Aisle} Flag N F           CKBX 1011584 1   Base_Picking_by_Aisle_Flag
VoiceOnly1 26 27 Task Type {Task} Type N S S 590       DDDW 1011585 1   Task_Type
VoiceOnly1 28 41 Voice Base Weight Vocollect Base Weight N B           EDIT 1011588 1   Voice_Base_Weight
VoiceOnly1 42 51 Voice Base Qty Vocollect Base Qty N B           EDIT 1011587 1   Voice_Base_Qty
VoiceOnly1 52 60 Max Qty to Pick Max Qty to Pick N B           EDIT 1011589 1   Max_Qty_to_Pick
VoiceOnly1 61 69 Container Capacity Container Capacity N B           EDIT 1011586 1   Container_Capacity
VoiceOnly1 70 70 Quantity Entry UOM Quantity Entry UOM N S B 4       DDDW 1011590 1   Quantity_Entry_UOM
VoiceOnly1 71 71 Use Display Item ? Use Display {SKU}? N F           CKBX 1011591 1   Use_Display_SKU
VoiceOnly1 72 72 Locate oLPN? Locate {Carton}? N F           CKBX 1011592 1   Locate_Carton
VoiceOnly1 73 73 When to Print oLPN Labels When Print {Carton} Lbls N A     0 2   EDIT 1011593 1   When_to_Print_Carton_Labels
VoiceOnly1 74 88 RF Locate Transaction Task Name Locate Transaction Task N A           EDIT 1011528 1   RF_Locate_Transaction_Task_Name
VoiceOnly1 89 103 RF Load Transaction Task Name RF {Load} Tran Tsk Name N A           EDIT 1011558 1   RF_Load_Transaction_Task_Name
VoiceOnly1 104 104 Region Quantity Verification Region Qty Verification N B           EDIT 1011559 1   Region_Quantity_Verification
VoiceOnly1 105 105 Region Accept Location Region Accept Location N F           CKBX 1011529 1   Region_Accept_Location
VoiceOnly1 106 106 Region Undo Last Pick Region Undo Last Pick N F           CKBX 1011530 1   Region_Undo_Last_Pick
VoiceOnly1 107 108 Work ID Length Work ID Length N A           EDIT 1011531 1   Work_ID_Length
VoiceOnly1 109 109 Go Back for Shorts Go Back for Shorts N F           CKBX 1011532 1   Go_Back_for_Shorts
VoiceOnly1 110 110 Use LUT Use LUT N S S D25       DDDW 1011533 1   Use_LUT
VoiceOnly1 111 111 Print Multiple Labels Print Multiple Labels N F           CKBX 1011534 1   Print_Multiple_Labels
VoiceOnly1 112 112 Allow Multiple Labels Allow Multiple Labels N F           CKBX 1011535 1   Allow_Multiple_Labels
VoiceOnly1 113 114 Spoken Container Validation Length Spoken Cntr Validn Len N N           EDIT 1011536 1   Spoken_Container_Validation_Length
VoiceOnly1 115 115 Validate Work ID Validate Work ID N F           CKBX 1011537 1   Validate_Work_ID
VoiceOnly1 116 116 Catch weight method   N N     1 0   CKBX 1011616 1    
VoiceOnly1 117 117 Suppress Summary Message?   N F           CKBX 1011617 1    
VoiceOnly1 118 118 Verify Labels?   N F           CKBX 1011618 1    
VoiceOnly1 119 119 Prompt for Drop Location?   N F           CKBX 1011619 1    
VoiceOnly1 120 120 Create Anchor Carton Task?   N F           CKBX 1011620 1    
VoiceOnly1 121 121 Bypass Position Recalculation Logic?   N F           CKBX 1011621 1    
VoiceOnly1 122 122 Retain Task?   N F           CKBX 1011595 1    
VoiceOnly1 123 123 Split alpha numeric characters   Y S S 539       DDDW 1011871 1    
VoiceOnly1 124 124 Break Pick List Allowed   N F           CKBX 1011889 1    
VoiceOnly1 125 126 New Task Priority   N N           EDIT 1011890 1    
VoiceOnly1 127 127 Write LM message for printer visit   N F           CKBX 1011891 1    
VoiceOnly1 128 129 Number of container digits to speak   N N           EDIT 1011873 1    
VoiceOnly1 130 130 Additional assignment details required?   N F           CKBX 1011874 1    
VoiceOnly1 131 131 End Pallet   N F           CKBX 1011880 1   Enable_locate_LPN
VoiceOnly1 132 132 Deliver olpns in reverse slot sequence   N F           CKBX 1011893 1    


New Post
2/14/2017 11:22 AM

Hey Dan,


Thanks for that table snapshot! We have most of those, but there are a few near the end that we don't have. Whether or not they'll work in our version is still to be determined though. I'm thinking probably not, because we don't have a location class "L". I checked syscodes S-026 (reserve) and S-028 (active), but didn't see it in either. Of course, I could add it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the code to handle it exists in our version. I'll continue fiddling with that when our QA environment gets back up to working order. 

New Post
2/22/2017 4:31 PM

I finally was able to test this the other day, but no luck. First, we don't have a location class "L" in our system, either for active or reserve locations, so at first I couldn't add the printer locations. I added location class L in the reserve locations (S-026 or S028 - I can't remember which one). This temporarily messed up the Reserve Locn Inq/Maint screen - the dropdown for location class was there, but no matter which one I chose, the corresponding text boxes for area, zone, etc wouldn't show. I figured out that this was because class L didn't exist in the warehouse location mask screen, so I tried adding it. For some reason, it wouldn't let me add a new mask, so I just inserted one using an SQL statement. This fixed the location screen, so I added a location of class L, PRTR-TEC02 as the display location and 02 as the barcode. I had already added parameter 127 into the VoiceOnly1 program and turned it on for the Vocollect transaction I was going to use, as well as recycled the system. I turned the logs on high and did a picking task, but no printer location came through. I also didn't see anywhere in the logs where it looked like it was trying to look up a printer location, so I'm thinking that maybe this functionality was added in a later version.

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